Financial Resources

Financial Resources

At Sumner Bank & Trust, our primary goal is to empower our Sumner County and Gallatin communities with the financial tools that are necessary for success. Whether you own a small business or are simply trying to get your personal finances in order, we can help you get where you need to go. Our devoted team of financial experts would love to partner with you to make your future a little brighter, and a lot more secure.

Consider This A Small Financial Toolkit…

The first item in this toolkit is a link to Choose To Save, which is a national public education and outreach program. Choose To Save’s mission is to raise awareness for the need to plan and save for long-term personal financial security. As part of these efforts, Choose to Save develops user-friendly, multimedia materials to help individuals plan and save for their financial future.

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We’ve also provided you with a link to a great organization called Practical Money Skills. Practical Money Skills is a brought to us by the folks at Visa. The aim of this site is to provide a means for free financial education. To accomplish this, consumers, educators, parents, students and policymakers have come together to create a centralized hub for educational resources, catering to every age group and knowledge level.

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Lastly, we’ve included a link to the U.S. Government’s Social Security Program. As you plan for your future, it’s important for you to know what you have at your disposal. Here you can access your government profile, find the information you need about your benefits, and apply for things like retirement and disability.

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